Douglas SBD Dauntless

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Douglas SBD Dauntless

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Douglas SBD Dauntless

The Douglas SBD Dauntless (SB for Scout Bomber) was a two-seater on-board bomber with a strong, secure piqué, which received fairly well the enemy projectiles. Sub-motorized, vulnerable, tiring to drive, the Dauntless was no less appreciated by his crews who nicknamed him Slow But Deadly ("Slow but Deadly"). He ended up giving his detractors wrong by sinking more ships than any other aircraft engaged in the Pacific War. A land version was also built for Usaac under the designation A-24 Banshee.
The Dauntless entered history as the winner of the Battle of Midway. It was indeed he who, after a first catastrophic assault led by the Devastator TBD, occurred at the worst moment for the Japanese squadron, the hunters in the course of refueling encumbering the bridges. Three of the four Japanese aircraft carriers were sunk during this assault, the turning point of this battle, which itself formed the turning point of the war on the Pacific Theater.

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